90% of startups fail.
Beat the odds.

Tech in Asia School offers content, community, and mentorship tailored to the most critical stages of the startup journey. 

We spent 1,000+ hours interviewing Southeast Asia's most successful tech leaders. The result is Tech in Asia School, where the next generation of the region's tech talent can learn, grow, and connect.

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Tech in Asia School Testimonials

  • By adjusting our User Journey and ARRR funnel based on what was shared in the Growth program, we achieved 4310% growth in leads within a week. Thank you TIA School for those Office Hours (OH) to help us better concentrate on what matters most for our business models. 

    Growth Spring 2022 Student
  • TIA advisors and mentors were experts in helping us adjust our marketing strategy in a short time. We witnessed a 76% rise in our user registration. This is amazing!

    Growth Spring 2022 Student
  • After taking this program, we have become relentlessly focused on metrics that truly matter.

    Growth Spring 2022 Student
  • This was a very valuable course for us! We got all answers we were seeking about the fundraising process. And the TIA team was incredibly supportive in helping us think through our pitch. 

    Fundraising Summer 2022 Student
  • As someone interested in networking in a friendly and professional environment, this is a great place. There are great people to be with, and high-quality mentors!

    Aspiring Founders Spring 2022 Student
  • [Our mentor] gave us invaluable guidance in terms of validating our product! He gave incredibly tangible and actionable advice that gave us a 12% success rate from cold reach out to an interview!

    Growth Spring 2022 Student

Why TIA School

A full-stack approach that provides education, networking, and access to TIA's network.
  • World-class curriculum

    Hands-on learning to guide students through the startup process
  • Founders community

    1-year access to stay connected with your School mentors, advisors and peers
  • Southeast Asian lens

    Regional context, content, and connections to help you build and scale right
  • Extensive network

    Leverage Tech in Asia's relationships with Southeast Asia’s best founders, investors, and tech leaders
  • 1:1 GUIDANCE

    Dedicated mentors and advisors from Tech in Asia to help guide you through your unique journey

New programs coming soon

  • Founders

    • Ideation
    • Product development
    • Founding teams
    • Go-to-market strategy
    • Startup legal & termsheets
  • Angel Investors

    • Angel investing
    • Investing syndicates
  • Corporates

    • Product development
    • Market expansion
    • Innovation

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