The Growth Program

In our interviews with Southeast Asia’s most successful founders, we repeatedly heard one piece of advice: the need for early-stage startups to build traction.

Who are we to argue with such sage advice? Start building traction by perfecting your product and growth engine.

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Growth Program Testimonials

  • We have become relentlessly focused on metrics that truly matter.

    Spring 2022 alum
  • Workshops, weekly office hours and 1:1 mentor check-ins were just what we needed to improve our growth.

    Spring 2022 alum
  • TIA advisors and mentors were experts in helping us adjust our marketing strategy in a short time. We witnessed an 82% rise in our webinar participation, and a 76% rise in our user registration. This is amazing!

    Spring 2022 alum

The Growth Program

The Growth Program is a hands-on experience, to grow your revenue and user base through a product-led process.
  • 1

    Startup Self-assessment

    In-depth bootcamps to pinpoint your startup's biggest bottlenecks and opportunities
  • 2

    Growth Experiments

    Based on your assessment, develop targeted strategies for common challenges like activation, growth, retention and monetization
  • 3

    Dedicated Mentorship

    Work 1:1 with mentors to refine your hypotheses, review progress, analyze results, and determine next steps
  • 4

    Extended Learning

    Continuously learn from your peers in the Founders Community, and gain access Tech in Asia's broader network of founders, investors, and leaders


 The Tech in Asia Founders Community is a vibrant network and hub for Southeast Asia’s founders.

Students get 1-year access, to connect, learn and work with this group of students, mentors and advisors across all School Porgrams and cohorts.

Plus, members get exclusive offers like access to Tech in Asia founder events, customized resources and founder-only offers. 

Past Growth Program Lecturers

Learn from Southeast Asia tech scene leaders.
  • 1554529420601
    Silvia Thom
    Ex-CTO, Zalora Group
  • 1642751348048
    Willis Wee
    Founder and CEO, Tech in Asia
  • 1634018685904
    Minh Vuhong
    Startup advisor, ex-founder & ex-VC
  • 1623178299274
    Celine Wong
    Product & Engineering Lead, Tech in Asia
  • 1600948522100
    Daniel Rouquette
    Co-Founder, Villa Finder
  • 1643591374040
    Martin Pasquier
    Entrepreneur & investor
  • 1641366852499
    Joelle Pang
    Entrepreneur, and GM at FastJobs Malaysia
  • 1565331373835
    Zal Dastur
    Co-Founder, Lucep
  • 1566521551293
    Louis-Bernard Carcouet
    Ex-CEO, Bitsmedia
  • Screen shot 2022 04 14 at 7.16.07 pm
    Jx Lye
    CPO, Endowus
  • 1609816689893
    Ee Ling Lim
    Executive Director, 500 Global
  • 1522758242278
    Thomas Jeng
    Head of Sales, Aspire
  • Rieke caroline
    Rieke Caroline
    Founding CEO, Kontrak Hukum
  • 1648539538263
    Mathias Boissonot
    Co-founder, Handprint
  • 1588829943046
    Arnaud Renoux
    Co-Founder & Growth, The Scalelab
  • 1635124617859
    Thibaut Briere
    Founder, Growth Marketing Studio

Tech in Asia School Stories

Hear from our Tech in Asia School Community


"The biggest learning that I got from the TIA school were the tools, work structure and mindset shifts that we developed in the program that were very valuable in setting us up for our growth"

Ina (Founder)

Applications are closed. Details for the next cohort coming soon!
Program cost: US$1,999

Program duration: 5 weeks

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