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90% of startups fail. But with the right mentorship and guidance, you can beat the odds. 

Our mentors are accomplished leaders handpicked from Southeast Asia's top tech founders and expert leaders. They have been there, done that, and are paying it forward to help the next generation of founders build successful startups. 

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Meet our mentor network

Learn and connect with successful leaders in Southeast Asia's tech scene.
  • Angeline leong
    Angeline Leong
    Founder, Angie's Tempeh
  • Bradley priest
    Bradley Priest
    Co-founder & CTO, TradeGecko
  • 1623178299274
    Celine Wong
    Product & Engineering Lead, Tech in Asia
  • David python
    David Python
    Co-founder & CEO, Cariuma
  • 1609816689893
    Ee Ling Lim
    Executive Director, 500 Global
  • Grace sai
    Grace Sai
    Co-founder, Multiple
  • Hsu ken ooi
    Hsu Ken Ooi
    Managing Partner, Iterative Capital
  • Joel leong
    Joel Leong
    Co-founder, Aspire
  • Lily wu
    Lily Wu
    Co-founder, Austern International & WOW Pixies NFT
  • 1642751348048
    Willis Wee
    Founder & CEO, Tech in Asia
  • Veronica chew
    Veronica Chew
    Co-founder, Healint
  • 1641366852499
    Joelle Pang
    GM at FastJobs Malaysia
  • Krishanthan surendran
    Krishanthan Surendran
    Founder, Klinify
  • Screen shot 2022 04 14 at 7.16.07 pm
    Jx Lye
    CPO, Endowus
  • Brian ma
    Brian Ma
    Managing Partner, Iterative Capital
  • 1600948522100
    Daniel Rouquette
    Co-founder, Villa Finder
  • 1566521551293
    Louis-Bernard Carcouet
    Ex-CEO, Bitsmedia
  • 1554529420601
    Silvia Thom
    Ex-CTO, Zalora Group
  • 1643591374040
    Martin Pasquier
    Entrepreneur & Investor
  • 1648539538263
    Mathias Boissonot
    Co-founder, Handprint
  • 1588829943046
    Arnaud Renoux
    Co-founder & Growth, The Scalelab
  • Maurizio
    Maurizio Raffone
    CFO, Credify
  • 1565331373835
    Zal Dastur
    Co-founder, Lucep
  • 1634018685904
    Minh Vuhong
    Startup Advisor, ex-founder & ex-VC
  • Pham quang cuong
    Pham Quang Cuong
    Founder & CEO, Eureka Robotics
  • Rieke caroline
    Rieke Caroline
    Founding CEO, Kontrak Hukum
  • Robin lim
    Robin Lim
    Co-founder, Made Real
  • 1635124617859
    Thibaut Briere
    Founder, Growth Marketing Studio
  • 1522758242278
    Thomas Jeng
    Head of Sales, Aspire
  • Dinda profile picture
    Dinda Hervi
    Venture Partner, Moonshot Ventures
  • Ed3175
    Ed Barker
    Senior Associate, Square Peg
  • C580b716 ed56 4e48 9cdf be4e246c8e98
    Jeremy Sianto
    Investments, AC Ventures
  • 154a07d4 212a 4f77 b305 71623e728dc2
    Naufal Aktsa Midy Efendy
    Investments, AC Ventures
  • Professional photoshoot
    Frederick Ng
    Investor, Square Peg
  • Img 9530
    Davita Natasha
    Investment Associate, Kejora Capital
  • E5d90ce8 7c2e 4553 b6b0 d958563aaa94
    Bianca Widjaja
    Investment Associate, BRI Ventures
  • Whatsapp image 2022 05 26 at 6.19.31 pm
    Samuel Nahusuly
    Investor, Insignia Ventures Partners
  • 나바론     1
    Navarun Atraya
    Founder, Angel Investor
  • Jeremy au headshot 4000 4000
    Jeremy Au
    Investor & Founder
  • Wechatimg34
    Ziheng Li
    Associate, Saison Capital
  • 1635750041240
    Erwin Arifin
    VP of Investment, Kejora HQ
  • 1606734142171
    Ferron Haryanto
    Co-Founder & CEO, eKomoditi
  • Erika
    Erika Tanudjaya
    Investment, OCBC NISP Ventura
  • 1659374364324
    Sejung Yun
    Investment Manager, ColoplNext
  • 1532250585307
    Gunhee Lee
    Investment Director, Block Crafters
  • 1576932590898
    Alexander Budiman
    Investments, Telkomsel Ventures
  • 1654056123353
    Maaike Doyer
    Founder & Investor, Epic Angels
  • Unnamed
    Jaime Ng
    Investor & Founder
  • Profile picture full size
    Crystal Ren
    Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor
  • 1572272373131
    Nicole Liu
    Founding Partner, Comma3 Ventures
  • 1616744679023
    Jeremy Soh
    Investment Associate, Qualgro Partners
  • 1641638292232
    Badai Tanmizi
    Investment Manager, Qualgro Partners

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