1:1 Mentorship Program

90% of startups fail. But with the right mentorship and guidance, you can beat the odds. 

By popular demand, TIA School is launching a standalone 3-month mentorship program. Get one on one guidance from Southeast Asia's top tech founders and expert leaders. They have been there, done that, and are paying it forward to help the next generation of founders build successful startups. 

If you want to benefit from their experience, join our 3-month Mentorship program today!

$699 for 3 months, applications open now


  • Who are the mentors?

    We will individually match you with a mentor based on your goals, industry, and startup stage. Check out our full mentor network below!

  • Can I choose my mentor?

    You can request a specific mentor from our network or outside and we will do our best to match you!

  • Will my mentor be located in the same city as me?

    Not necessarily, it's 2022 after all!

  • How often do we meet?

    The default is bi-weekly one-hour meetings over three months, so six hours in total. But you can discuss the frequency and length with your mentor, depending on what works best for you both.

  • What work will I need to do?

    Come prepared with some ideas and goals of what you'd like to achieve during the mentorship period. You might have ideas that you want to explore with you mentor, or they will help you figure out what challenge to take on. 

  • What happens at the end of the program?

    After three months, you can choose to rejoin the mentorship program with a different mentor, or continue your relationship on your own! You'll have full access to the Founder's Community for six months total.

Tech in Asia School Stories

Hear from our Tech in Asia School Community

QUEST - Hire a Hero

"...and the acquisition funnel of ours got a lot more refined. We went to our mentor for help each and every week, where to refine, and see what could be done better."

Evan (CEO) & Matthew (CPO)

Mentees testimonials

Arnaud Renoux gave us invaluable guidance in terms of validating our product! He gave incredibly tangible and actionable advice that gave us a 12% success rate from cold reach out to an interview!

Louie Bernardo, Co-Founder @ Fastwire

The most essential lesson that I was able to learn from my mentor, Martin Pasquier, is to be able to focus on what really matters.

Muhammad Daulay, Founder @ Flotus.id

 TIA mentors are experts in helping us adjust our marketing strategy in a short time. We witnessed an 82% rise in our webinar participation, and a 76% rise in our user registration. This is amazing!

1:1 mentor check-ins were just what we needed... to improve our growth.

We have become relentlessly focused on metrics that truly matter.

Meet our mentor network

Learn and connect with successful leaders in Southeast Asia's tech scene.
  • Angeline leong
    Angeline Leong
    Founder, Angie's Tempeh
  • Bradley priest
    Bradley Priest
    Co-founder & CTO, TradeGecko
  • 1623178299274
    Celine Wong
    Product & Engineering Lead, Tech in Asia
  • David python
    David Python
    Co-founder & CEO, Cariuma
  • 1609816689893
    Ee Ling Lim
    Executive Director, 500 Global
  • Grace sai
    Grace Sai
    Co-founder, Multiple
  • Hsu ken ooi
    Hsu Ken Ooi
    Managing Partner, Iterative Capital
  • Joel leong
    Joel Leong
    Co-founder, Aspire
  • Lily wu
    Lily Wu
    Co-founder, Austern International & WOW Pixies NFT
  • 1642751348048
    Willis Wee
    Founder & CEO, Tech in Asia
  • Veronica chew
    Veronica Chew
    Co-founder, Healint
  • 1641366852499
    Joelle Pang
    GM at FastJobs Malaysia
  • Krishanthan surendran
    Krishanthan Surendran
    Founder, Klinify
  • Screen shot 2022 04 14 at 7.16.07 pm
    Jx Lye
    CPO, Endowus
  • Brian ma
    Brian Ma
    Managing Partner, Iterative Capital
  • 1600948522100
    Daniel Rouquette
    Co-founder, Villa Finder
  • 1566521551293
    Louis-Bernard Carcouet
    Ex-CEO, Bitsmedia
  • 1554529420601
    Silvia Thom
    Ex-CTO, Zalora Group
  • 1643591374040
    Martin Pasquier
    Entrepreneur & Investor
  • 1648539538263
    Mathias Boissonot
    Co-founder, Handprint
  • 1588829943046
    Arnaud Renoux
    Co-founder & Growth, The Scalelab
  • Maurizio
    Maurizio Raffone
    CFO, Credify
  • 1565331373835
    Zal Dastur
    Co-founder, Lucep
  • 1634018685904
    Minh Vuhong
    Startup Advisor, ex-founder & ex-VC
  • Pham quang cuong
    Pham Quang Cuong
    Founder & CEO , Eureka Robotics
  • Rieke caroline
    Rieke Caroline
    Founding CEO, Kontrak Hukum
  • Robin lim
    Robin Lim
    Co-founder, Made Real
  • 1635124617859
    Thibaut Briere
    Founder, Growth Marketing Studio
  • 1522758242278
    Thomas Jeng
    Head of Sales, Aspire
  • 나바론     1
    Navarun Atraya
    Founder, Angel Investor
  • Jeremy au headshot 4000 4000
    Jeremy Au
    Investor & Founder
Applications are open now!
Candidates will be evaluated on a rolling basis.
Program cost: US$699

Program duration: 3 months

Join our mentor network!

Help us nurture the next generation of founders and grow Southeast Asia's tech ecosystem.

Programs are split by critical stages of a startup's growth journey, allowing you to apply your expertise by discipline and by founder maturity.

We pair mentors with students on the basis of relevant experience to work on clearly defined curriculum and strategies, with a typical commitment of a few hours of hands-on collaboration for up to six weeks.

Plus, Mentors get one year of access to our Founders Community, full access to Tech in Asia events, and exclusive perks!

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