Growth Bootcamp

Supercharge your startup's growth.

Growth is the lifeblood for all startups. Learn and apply growth strategies that have worked for Southeast Asia’s top startups like Grab, Lazada, and Carousell for your own startup 

Growth, product, and marketing leaders will walk away with an actionable plan for driving predictable growth for their startups. 

Apply to join the March cohort for just US $388.

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Tiaschool growth

Build your growth plan in three weeks

Get the best of School’s two-month Growth Program for startup founders, through three intensive sessions for startup leaders.

After a quick refresher on the basics of growth strategies and channels, you’ll identify the key levers for your startup's growth, and ultimately develop a customized roadmap for how you and your team can drive predictable growth.

  • Growth concepts

    Learn core growth principles, and critical strategies adopted by successful startups in Southeast Asia

  • Proven templates & methodologies

    Access exclusive materials from the full Growth Program, on developing, measuring, and tracking your growth experiments

  • Group office hours

    Share insights and learn from other growth, product, and marketing leaders

  • Expert access

    Get feedback from School’s lecturers, mentors, and program teams, who are successful startup leaders themselves

Start your Saturdays strong

Bootcamps will be held virtually, from 10AM-12PM (SGT)

Each session will have a mix of lecture-style content and interactive group learning

  • Session 1 (March 4)

    • Complete your startup growth assessment
    • Revisit critical growth strategies & channels
    • Establish relevant growth metrics for your startup
  • Session 2 (March 11)

    • Build your customer funnel & lifecycles
    • Create funnel strategies
    • Crack user acquisition
    • Develop growth experiments
  • Session 3 (March 18)

    • Master conversion & retention strategies
    • Assess your unit economics
    • Review and assess growth experiments
    • Build your growth playbook

Your Growth Team

  • 1664240863482
    Zal Dastur

    Co-founder & COO, Lucep

  • Ogahr8r2 400x400
    Daniel Rouquette

    Co-founder & CEO, Villa Finder

  • 1665991545446
    Maria Li

    COO, Tech in Asia

Learn alongside founders & leaders from the region

A few confirmed students from the region in our March cohort

Growth Program Testimonials

  • We've been able to track our development, experiments and growth better. We able to define more clearly the problem statements and crafting better solutions. The growth template help us across to crack a better growth result! Thank you!

    Spring 2022 alum
  • The tools, work structures, and mindset shift we adopted and developed during the program were valuable in setting us up for our growth journey. We finished the program with a very tangible roadmap to pursue growth which included: Clear metrics and actionable targets, systematic ideation and experimentation, and new user acquisition channels.

    Spring 2022 alum
  • TIA advisors and mentors were experts in helping us adjust our marketing strategy in a short time. We witnessed an 82% rise in our webinar participation, and a 76% rise in our user registration. This is amazing!

    Spring 2022 alum
  • We learned the fundamental process on how to build and grow a startup - a method to the madness!

    Spring 2022 alum


  • Who is this program for?

    You can be a founder, executive, product manager, marketing manager, or anyone in between! The Growth Bootcamp is suitable for any startup leader who wants to practically apply growth strategies to their work.

  • What's expected of me in the bootcamp?

    Come prepared to learn and share about your growth journey. We'll help you identify where you currently are in your growth journey, potential roadblocks and opportuntiies, and design a plan to get to steady growth.

  • What happens if I cannot participate in one session?

    Not a problem! We will record all sessions, and publish them to the cohort afterwards. You can follow the recording to make up any work independently.

  • Are there any pre-requisites for The Growth Bootcamp?

    Not at all! While this program is designed to help you identify and build up your own growth roadmap, the content is open enough for anyone who wants to understand more about startup growth strategies and channels. 

  • How are the sessions structured?

    Each of the three sessions will kick off with a refresh of a core growth concept, followed by work in break-out groups, and discussions to share, review, and analyze growth experiments and results. 

Tech in Asia School Stories

Hear from our Tech in Asia School Community


"The biggest learning that I got from the TIA school were the tools, work structure and mindset shifts that we developed in the program that were very valuable in setting us up for our growth"

Ina (Founder)


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